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Calculate the monthly contribution required for your targeted accumulation
You can calculate the monthly contribution you need to pay to reach your targeted amount of accumulations when you retire from BES.
The age you will commence accumulating in IPS.
Your current age. Anyone over 18 can join the individual pension system. Accumulating early will have a positive impact on your pension income.
Age You Wish To Retire In IPS
The age at which you will begin to receive your accumulations. You will be entitled to retire with tax incentives when you stay in the system for 10 years and turn 56. However, you do not have to retire at the age of 56. You can extend the accumulation period by increasing the retirement age.
Target Amount of Accumulations (TRY)
Amount of accumulation you aim to have when you retire.
Annual Real Return (%)
The annual real rate of return that your investments will receive. From the beginning of the system until the end of 2017, an average of 3.30 percent net real (over-inflation) return was achieved through IPS funds. The annual net real income rate given above is calculated by reducing the fund management fee deduction (FIGK) rate in the annual real return.
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