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Calculate your accumulation by setting a contribution
As an IPS participant, you can calculate potential savings and your pension income.
Your current age. Anyone over 18 can join the private pension system. Accumulating early will have a positive impact on your pension income.
Monthly Contribution (TRY)
Regular contribution you can pay monthly. You can change the amount if you wish.
Age You Wish to Retire in IPS
The age at which you will begin to receive your accumulations. You will be entitled to retire with tax incentives when you stay in the system for 10 years and turn 56. However, you do not have to retire at the age of 56. You can extend the accumulation period by increasing the retirement age.
Collected Paid Contribution (TRY)
Collected paid contribution amount that you prefer to pay at the entry to the system, separate from the regular contribution payments.
Annual Contribution Increase (%)
It represents the rate at which your contribution will increase in real terms each year. We recommend increasing your contribution according to your income and retirement needs. It represents an approximate income increase comprising of an annual average increase rate of 5 percent, promotion, income with a higher job opportunity or seniority throughout working life.
Administrative expense fee
The contribution you pay is directed to the investment after this amount is deducted. From the beginning of the system until the end of 2018, the current average administrative expense fee for the private pension system was 1.82 percent.
Fund Management Fee Deduction
Daily One Hundred Thousandth
Annual (%)
Fund management fee deduction is calculated on a daily basis over the net asset value to cover the expenses of the fund portfolio. The fund management fee deduction rate is a maximum of 2.28 percent per annum and is clearly stipulated in the pension contracts.
Annual Real Return (Net %)
The annual real rate of return that your investments will receive. The annual net real income rate given above is calculated by reducing the fund management fee deduction (FIGK) rate in the annual real return.
Annual Gross Minimum Wage (BAU) Increase (%)
Annual Gross Minimum Wage (BAU) Increase is the annual net increase rate.
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